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    Tracker Mobile Sync

    For ultimate data collection accuracy and field efficiency, Tracker Mobile Sync ensures core information is fed between the office and field in real-time. Gather, manage and report environmental impact and operational information in one central system with mobile functionality available for on-site efficiency.

Greeting the user with a list of open tasks for completion, Tracker Mobile Sync ensures data recordings are never missed. Task by task, step by step, the user is guided through each environmental and operational process with confidence. Available on mobile devices, Tracker Mobile Sync ensures one source of truth when dealing with multiple information sources and sites.

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Complete End-to-End Solution

Tracker Mobile Sync combines all aspects of data management into one digitized system, guiding the user through equipment, employee and job processes with extensive reporting and alert functionality.

Use on site visits, during waste removal / environmental processes and back in the office - access on any device, anywhere.

Digitized Paperwork & Forms

Reduce paper, administration, storage and management overheads by digitizing workflows.

Eliminate the risk of lost documentation, duplicate records and errors with digital, time stamped information and validation upon data entry.

Increase workforce and administrative efficiency.

Guide new contractors / employees with step-by-step processes.

Increased Efficiency

Automated time and attendance recording saves users time and effort, with the highest levels of accuracy for management reporting.

Proactive alerts for upcoming equipment / personnel checks, certification and permit expiry.

Record information on the move during site visits and jobs for real-time visibility.

Ensure Compliance

Track hazardous waste and chemicals from source to treatment or storage using GPS and digital logbooks to ensure materials are accounted for at each step of the treatment process.

Schedule equipment inspections and maintenance with notifications for users.

Monitor hours worked under hazardous conditions logging substance type, percentage exposure and duration by employee / contractor and job.

Real-Time Visibility

Gain complete, live visibility of:

Job Status
• Personnel out on the Job
• Equipment out on the Job
• Hours exposed to Hazardous Waste

Equipment Checks
Completed and Due

Permits and Certificates
Due for renewal or recently completed