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Sustainable Data

Making Data More Sustainable

With tightening environmental legislation comes the crucial requirement to accurately record data. This plays a positive role in helping industries become aware of their impact, and strongly encourages environmental best practice. Here at Tracker, we love data! So what’s the downside?

Security Cameras

Certified Security for Environmental Data

Millions of pounds are invested each year in educating the public on the importance of protecting sensitive information and now most are conversant with ways to prevent identity fraud. However, following recent news of data breaches within the likes of LinkedIn, Oracle and Yahoo; are modern corporations achieving best practice across all aspects of information protection?

Earth from Outer Space

How to Dodge a Data Disaster

In everyday life we thrive on information. We run our lives on data and most importantly, we run our businesses on data. But how long does it take before you see the first signs of error in your data?


Cast Your Vote for Performance Improvement

Forums continue to refer to the Net gain or loss that could be a consequence of our voting actions on the 23rd June. This post is not necessarily reflective of how I may be voting in the upcoming referendum but like most people eligible to vote, I have spent considerable time wading through the pros & cons of BREXIT.

Arrow Sign

This Way to the 21st Century

In 2005, when asked about the possibility of peak oil, the Saudi oil minister was quoted as saying “The Stone Age didn't end for lack of stone, and the oil age will end long before the world runs out of oil.” While I don’t agree with this particular analogy in regard to peak oil – historically each transition from the previous energy source has been for a higher energy dense fuel, one that’s been easier to store, transport, and is more cost effective. 

The Ancient Library of Alexandria

The New Buzz

We are a culture of Buzz Words and acronyms and quite frankly I, and I am sure many of my peers, get a bit fed up with the latest flavour of terminology in the media. What is most irritating is that many of the supposed latest concepts are not new. Take Big Data for example.