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This Way to the 21st Century

In 2005, when asked about the possibility of peak oil, the Saudi oil minister was quoted as saying “The Stone Age didn't end for lack of stone, and the oil age will end long before the world runs out of oil.” While I don’t agree with this particular analogy in regard to peak oil – historically each transition from the previous energy source has been for a higher energy dense fuel, one that’s been easier to store, transport, and is more cost effective. 

The Ancient Library of Alexandria

The New Buzz

We are a culture of Buzz Words and acronyms and quite frankly I, and I am sure many of my peers, get a bit fed up with the latest flavour of terminology in the media. What is most irritating is that many of the supposed latest concepts are not new. Take Big Data for example. 

Exporting is Great Roadshow

Aberdeen Entrepreneurs Encouraged to Show Urgency and Passion

Aberdeen entrepreneurs need to show a sense of urgency and passion if they want to make exporting work for their companies, local businessmen said yesterday. Peter Moon, an account manager at oil and gas software firm Tracker, which has only been in the export market for a year, said he wished the firm had gotten in on the act earlier.

Water Droplet

Take Desalination with a Pinch of Salt

It is a widely accepted theory that an effect of global climate change is an increase of extreme weather events. A study published in Nature Climate Change in April 2015 suggests these effects are already evident. Attributing 75% of moderate temperature increase extremes and 18% of precipitation extremes to human factors. 


Big Environmental Data for the Bigger Picture

With the buzz of COP21 in the air, the 21st Instalment of the annual Conference of the Parties, we witness the world collaborating in discussions of how to limit the progress of climate change. In spite of varying political motivations, we can all agree that in order to avoid catastrophic climate damage average global temperatures need to be kept in check.