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Stay One Step Ahead of Shifting Legislation

Environmental legislation is constantly evolving with new policy amendments coming into place regularly. We understand it can be hard to keep up with legislative change and ensure your data is being processed to meet the latest requirements.


Auditing Excellence: Follow the Data Trail

How long does it currently take your organisation to undergo an audit? Can you guarantee that your audit trail is 100% compliant? With manual management of hardcopy environmental data, it could take anything from days to weeks.


Confidence in the accuracy of your data is king, and can be extremely hard to achieve with paper records – sheets or files may go missing or become illegible, and often you won’t be aware of that until the auditing process is underway. Being able to manage and maintain precise records to achieve environmental best practice is fundamental to the success of your organisation.


Ensure Environmentally Critical Equipment Compliance

Whether it be equipment for chemical processing, HVAC units offshore or personal protection equipment – it is crucial that environmentally critical equipment meets HSE regulation standards and is regularly maintained for optimum performance. The risk of not doing so could be devastating, leading to chemical spills or contamination, the release of dangerous greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere and leave employees exposed to hazardous materials.

The Cloud

Put Painful Licence Renewals in The Past

It’s that time of year again when licences and permits are coming up for renewal – and, let’s be honest, you’ve been dreading it. This lengthily, drawn out process will undoubtedly swallow up your time, taking you away from daily operations and into paperwork hell. Fear not, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Tracking Waste Streams

Where Did Your Waste End Up In 2017?

And how does this compare to previous years for your organisation? Working with Hazardous Materials and Chemicals, there is an obligation to be leaders in the minimising of environmental impacts and as such, it is absolutely essential you keep and maintain accurate records relating to waste management.


Not only to meet your legislative responsibilities, but to remain a leader, it’s essential you have the ability to review that information and highlight areas for potential performance Improvement. So what can be done to track waste streams easily and accurately?

Digital Hazard Slip

The Transition to Digital Hazard Recording

What if we told you that by changing one thing about the way you record hazards, you could not only save time but also improve internal processes? Moving to paperless hazard slips for Asbestos Management will be a growing trend throughout 2018 as we see mobile technology becoming further embedded into everyday business activities. There are many benefits of going digital, here are our top three that will compliment your Asbestos Management operations.