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Asbestos Supervisor

A Day in the Life of... an Asbestos Supervisor

Bob is a Supervisor at Asbestos Removal Company X. Today he is on site carrying out equipment and personnel checks using Trackers Mobile Application to assist with his everyday tasks.


Bob arrives on site early. Using his handheld mobile device, he enters the Site Log in Tracker and selects to confirm the equipment and personnel on site today.


Using the mobile, Bob is guided through easy to follow workflows offering step-by-step guidance for each of his tasks to complete today. These are digitally signed by Bob and time stamped within the device upon task completion.


During one routine equipment check on an NPU, a fault is highlighted and Tracker alerts Bob that it has failed its check. At the same time, this alert is sent to the Back Office team via email.


The Back Office team review the alert, arranging for a replacement NPU to be sent to Bob’s site and for the damaged NPU to be collected for servicing and repair.


Bob can now continue with the rest of his daily tasks without delay.