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Hazardous Waste: An Interview with Dr Peter Moon

Following the launch of Trackers new Hazardous Waste Module and Mobile Application for Asbestos Contractors in July 2018, we asked…



Q: What are some of the biggest administrative burdens Asbestos Contractors currently face?

A: We estimate that 95% of the industry are using paper records to manage their compliance. Paper can become lost or damaged over time and errors can creep in when transposing handwritten accounts to electronic registers (for example, when recording exposure hours).


Mistakes can go unrecognised for years and only discovered when it’s too late.



Q: How will going paperless help reduce the risk of non-conformance?

A: A paperless system can increase the visibility of potential non-conformance issues on site, in real-time. For example, key individuals will receive alerts if personnel or equipment checks are not carried out as scheduled.


Information can be cross-referenced as it’s entered to ensure it is within acceptable pre-defined limits. For example, if a DOP certificate is in date for an NPU or a mask is due a service. You can streamline administrative processes reducing the likelihood of non-conformance.



Q: Could you give us an example of a typical day in the field using the mobile app?

A: There are two elements to the system, a Back Office “Master” and a Mobile “Slave”. Your site supervisor manages the site using the mobile element, logging people, equipment and site checks throughout the day.


The system will work equally well online as well as offline with information synced to the Back Office “Master” every five minutes when in mobile range.



Q: What are the next steps for this combined Asbestos Management solution?

A: Tracker hazardous waste was launched in July and we are actively seeking out early adopters and industry experts with a goal of creating a higher standard of best practice throughout the industry.


If this is of interest to you, please get in touch.