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Auditing Excellence: Follow the Data Trail

How long does it currently take your organisation to undergo an audit? Can you guarantee that your audit trail is 100% compliant? With manual management of hardcopy environmental data, it could take anything from days to weeks.


Confidence in the accuracy of your data is king, and can be extremely hard to achieve with paper records – sheets or files may go missing or become illegible, and often you won’t be aware of that until the auditing process is underway. Being able to manage and maintain precise records to achieve environmental best practice is fundamental to the success of your organisation.


Achieving that environmental best practise doesn’t need to be time-consuming and all-encompassing. Instead of filling in logbooks, filing paperwork and entering duplicate data onto spreadsheets, you could save time by inputting data on the go using mobile devices. Storing all of your information in one central data hub allows for ease of access and with a cloud-based system, you also have peace of mind that information is safe and secure.


To speed along the auditing process, with solutions like Tracker, you can also create specific read-only access for external auditors and consultants. To find out more about achieving auditing excellence for environmental best practice, contact the Tracker team for more information.


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