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Article image credited to Jimmy Johnson and used under the creative commons attribution licence

Asbestos Licence Renewal: Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

Preparation, preparation, preparation!  By now, you are probably aware of the recent changes the HSE has made to Asbestos Licence Renewals. Are you ready to manage these?


The new process changes will undoubtedly increase the efficiency of renewing your licence through its online form submissions, followed by supporting documentation via email. In theory, this should help contractors, particularly those with historical application evidence – if they are prepared enough.


Successful licensing depends on the quality and accuracy of information submitted. Where insufficient evidence would previously have result in targeted assessment meetings, now, it may result in an instant application rejection - without opportunity to improve on your submission - taking you back to square one.


Being prepared is now more important than ever. With our Tracker Asbestos Management solution, you can create a detailed and auditable picture of your Asbestos Removal activities over any set period. Reporting on everything from Personnel and Exposure Hours to Equipment and Site Checks, Trackers capabilities give you in-depth accurate data that you can be confident in.


Tracker will support your operations from initial data capture with mobile workflows, validation on data entry, photographic evidence and digital time-stamped signatures, through to final information analysis.


Don’t delay your licence renewal, get it right the first time. Contact the Tracker Team today to see where we can help. To find out more information about the changes to asbestos licencing procedures, you can visit the ARCA website or the HSE itself for licensing advice



*Article image credited to Jimmy Johnson and used under the following licence