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ACAD Associate Membership

Root-5 Solutions Ltd have recently joined ACAD, the Asbestos Control and Abatement Division, as associate members to promote and raise awareness of process efficiency and best practice within the asbestos community.


Since launching our Hazardous Waste Module for Asbestos Management, Tracker now has a growing number of supervisors, contractors and compliance managers benefiting from automated processes, saving time and money, and working more efficiently to comply with legislation.


ACAD, a UK-based trade association who support and represent companies working throughout the asbestos industry, have been offering training, support and advice to its members for 25 years - acting positively to promote best working practices. We’re pleased to join them in making a difference!


We look forward to attending ACAD’s regional meetings, discussing safe and efficient means of field working in more depth and, the opportunity to meet asbestos professionals. To find out more about Tracker’s Hazardous Waste Module and mobile solutions, visit