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One-Click Reports

One-Click Client Reports

Working in Asbestos Removals, it is crucial to have key client and job information readily available for review. Knowing what stage a job is at, what equipment is out on that job and what personnel have been assigned are fundamental to the running of smooth, efficient and safe operations.


As a robust central hub for your operational data, Tracker lets you gain visibility of all client information and associated job details (both historical and scheduled). With real-time updates sent directly from the job site using ‘Tracker Mobile Sync’, both you and your client can be confident in the live status of a project.


Project administration in Tracker is simple and streamlined; users can easily review a Job Summary of open or recently completed jobs showing unique job references, start and end dates, with the option to filter by status.


Producing reports internally or for clients need not be complicated. In Tracker, a full job report can be completed with just one click and distributed to key contacts. To find out more or to request a demonstration of reporting functionality for Asbestos management, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..