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Asbestos PPE

When Was Your Last Mask Check?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is the one thing that stands directly between asbestos contractors and dangerous substances. Despite the legislative drive to maintain accurate records against all types of equipment, manual data management and processing can often lead to lost, misplaced or illegible records. The outcome of which can be extremely harmful, both to contractors and the environment.


For all equipment, be it PPE, Respiratory Equipment or Hygiene Units, their upkeep and maintenance is absolutely crucial to running a safe and efficient Asbestos Removal business. With manual data management processing can be slow, inaccurate dates can be added and paperwork can easily get lost or made illegible in transit between the office and the field. Consider for a moment the implications of accidentally sending a contractor out on a job with defective equipment; this risk could be as simple as not having easy access to accurate information.


All of these challenges can be overcome by eliminating the need for paper. With the Tracker Back Office System and mobile application you can check in equipment on the move, review its status from the office, be alerted of upcoming inspections, know which jobs equipment is reserved for, see what personal protective equipment is assigned to who and much more.


The benefits of automated processes, proactive alerts and digital record keeping go much further than simply meeting compliance, they help build confidence and trust in the performance and safety of your removal equipment. To find out more about Trackers solutions for Asbestos Management, speak with one of our Environmental Management System Specialists today or visit for further reading.