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Working with Hazardous Materials & Waste Doesn’t Need to be Risky Business

In the Asbestos Removals industry, your contractors and employees are at the heart of your operations; putting their health and safety first should not only be a legislative requirement but also a priority in terms of best practice.


Ensuring safe working can be managed in a number of ways, starting with monitoring an individuals training records. Is their training coming up for renewal, has it expired already? Having this information to hand is absolutely crucial in deciding who will be assigned to specific jobs and who needs to be taken off of a job until qualified to continue.


Monitoring is often the hardest part. Can you accurately monitor an individuals activity whilst they are out in the field, how long they have been exposed to hazardous materials and what equipment they were using?


Manual paper management can often fall short when under scrutiny by the Health and Safety Executive. By digitizing workflows and going mobile you can ensure compliance with time-stamped, backed up records that can be reviewed at the touch of a button. With automated alerts that notify staff back in the office and contractors out in the field, the risk of missing training and certification renewals is greatly reduced.


For new or less experienced employees and contractors, handheld devices have the ability to guide users through step-by-step removal processes ensuring they are working not only safely, but also efficiently. Tracker provides one such solution which can be used anytime, anywhere, with or without a network connection. It has the ability to log information on the move and feed this back to the office in real time. One central data hub for all personnel, equipment, site and job management.


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