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Tracker Hazardous Waste Launch

Root-5 launch highly innovative Compliance Management Solutions

Root-5 Solutions Ltd (RSL) is a specialist software company with over 11 years experience delivering Compliance Solutions to the Oil and Gas sector. As a result of extensive knowledge and experience in a highly regulated market they have created 'Tracker' for the Asbestos Removal market. 


The 'Tracker' Solution offers a proactive paperless site management system that tracks and reports on compliance requirements to meet asbestos regulations and promote best practice by Contractors. This is aimed at delivering significant administrative cost savings by streamlining the operational activities relating to removing asbestos. 


It is a combined solution offering a robust user friendly mobile interface, which works on any Apple iOS, Windows or Android operating platform, integrated with an Intelligent Back Office System (BOS) allowing users to check and manage Jobs, Equipment, Personnel, Site information etc., all in one central data hub.


'Tracker' is a combined BOS and mobile solution covering every aspect of site management; from maintaining key personnel records to equipment records. Every check and test is digitally recorded at the point of entry then synchronised to the BOS. The mobile technology platform also supports offline mobile working in areas without internet connectivity.


Once in the BOS, each record can be filtered into a report within minutes. Also, 'Tracker' will alert key users if checks are overdue and automatically create job reports ensuring inspections or recertification are never late and jobs are completed safely and efficiently.


Sue Austin, Director of RSL says “building customer oriented Solutions is our forte and having looked at the demands on the Asbestos removal market, we believe 'Tracker' delivers significant cost savings via improved operational efficiencies to this sector. Viewing, gathering, updating, managing and reporting all job, equipment and staff information, whether in the field, on site, or from the office is now possible, at the click of a few buttons. So, managing site compliance has now, never been easier!”