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''Any Environmental Management Solution

needs to be flexible''


Tracker offers a cost effective and sustainable solution that works well with

changing operational needs. These are some of the benefits our clients have reported:

› Integration

with Existing



"Tracker has allowed us to streamline our processes significantly with automatic links into our other information systems. This has resulted in reduced effort and reduced error in our data transcriptions"


› Reduced



"Tracker has not only minimised costs associated with our discharges and emissions but also significantly reduced our administrative overheads"


› Help Desk


"The service from the Tracker Support Team is exceptional. They have first hand knowledge of our Tracker deployment and operations. They ensure they know all of our environmental team members and understand the roles they play. They really take the time to understand our challenges and personally see them through to resolution"


› Compliance

with Confidence


"Tracker has helped improve our compliance record with its auto updated permitted chemicals and direct links with the regulator. Tracker deploys stringent validation and ensures the most up to date information is available at all times to our environmental team. The alert system has been invaluable to notify when limits and key targets are under threat"







"Tracker offers excellent tools for analysis to enable us to predict future environmental impact based on our historic data. We can now forward plan and schedule equipment and installation downtime for enhanced control and also apply for allowance variations in a timely manner. Another bonus is having knowledge to hand to plan the purchase or sale of our carbon credits and take advantage of market conditions"


› Quality



"Unlike our earlier spreadsheet based system, Tracker delivers reliable, consistent information and the product is backed by an excellent support team. We no longer need to worry about our spreadsheet specialist being out of the office or leaving the company. We have the security that Tracker verification and calculations are 100% compliant with current legislative guidelines at all times"



› Security &


of Data


"Historical and current information is retained in a robust and secure environment with full audit trail. Tracker is well established in the sector and our external verifiers are familiar with Tracker which offers full transparency on the calculations and underlying data. The time spent with auditors and verifiers has been slashed and is a much less painful experience"





See Who's Using Tracker
Tracker Users Include the Following Companies:
RWE          rwelogo


 '' A user-friendly system that's working well for us ''


RWE Dea UK is an established and progressive upstream gas production business with a portfolio of producing fields and undeveloped reserves in the southern North Sea. It has been using Tracker in support of its drilling programme since 2010 and is looking to extend its deployment as the business enters new phases of drilling and production activity.
RWE Dea UK uses Tracker specifically to monitor chemical usages in detail during drilling work and submit returns to EEMS. "We were previously using straightforward spreadsheet systems, and we opted to introduce Tracker because there are many advantages to performing the work online and facilitating consistent access for all appropriate personnel," says HSE adviser Susie Buswell.
"The Tracker package we use at present is well suited to our needs – we utilise it on a 'per well' basis for a large number of users."
The user base comprises offshore engineering personnel, who enter usage data into Tracker during operations, as well as their onshore counterparts and HSE staff. It also extends to staff in a network of contractor companies.
RWE Dea UK deploys Tracker to monitor chemical usage at section level during drilling: this provides the operator with an accurate degree of operational detail. Furthermore, it actively uses the Tracker 'alert' system to receive early warning when permit consents are under threat.
"We've received positive feedback on Tracker from offshore personnel. It's clear that it's proving itself in supporting day-to-day operational work," adds Susie. "Tracker is seen as a user-friendly system and it's working well for us."


 Repsol Sinopec


 '' A central data repository for reportable environmental data ''


Repsol Sinopec Resources UK Limited (Previously Talisman Sinopec Energy (UK) Limited) began implementation of Tracker in March 2011 across all its North Sea producing assets as well as its drilling programme.
Tracker has become a central data repository for reportable environmental data covering atmospherics, chemicals and oil in produced water, utilising a mix of Tracker's standard solution supplemented by bespoke development of end-user reports and xml data loads.
The system has been set up to allow data to be imported directly from hydrocarbon accounting systems and to deliver a consistent process for corporate and legislative reporting requirements.



 '' Customer service is a significant feature ''


TAQA Bratani is one of the fastest-growing exploration and production companies working on the UKCS, having developed its portfolio significantly since first acquiring northern North Sea interests in 2008.
TAQA has been deploying Tracker from the outset to monitor against chemical permits associated with its operating assets and drilling activity. With a typical Tracker base of around 40 personnel, TAQA uses subcontractor security features to outsource some management and data recording responsibilities to third parties.
"From day one we worked with the Tracker team to reach a point quickly where the systems were working efficiently for us," says TAQA's Head of Health, Safety and Environment Alastair Maclean. "We take advantage of the flexibility of the system to use individual elements of Tracker to best effect in support of our operations at different times. Because it is effectively modular in nature we are able to add new assets to Tracker as they are introduced to our portfolio."
The Tracker team has added extra features to the TAQA system to suit specific business requirements – for specialist chemical tracking and upload offshore, for example. "Customer service has also been a significant feature of the relationship," adds Alastair. "Queries or operational challenges have always been dealt with quickly and effectively over the years.”
"We have also been able to help shape the development of our own individual system – the Tracker team has been keen to hear our input, from a customer perspective, in terms of its practical application. That helps to ensure it is working to optimum efficiency on our behalf and remains as user-friendly as possible.”
"Via an established user forum, we have been able to contribute our thoughts on the wider strategic development of Tracker, and share experiences and best practice with other operators."