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Certified Security for Environmental Data

Millions of pounds are invested each year in educating the public on the importance of protecting sensitive information and now most are conversant with ways to prevent identity fraud. However, following recent news of data breaches within the likes of LinkedIn, Oracle and Yahoo; are modern corporations achieving best practice across all aspects of information protection?

Organisations that are required to maintain mass volumes of data could be vulnerable to breaches of security. Comprehensive backup and recovery processes, safe archiving of historical data, controlled access to information, and the protection of personal details; are imperative and must apply across the board.

Where the need for extensive records and comprehensive audit trails is driven by legislation, stored information becomes critical to the viability of an organisation. In particular, for companies dependent on reporting environmental aspects and impacts, a secure approach is core to maintain compliance.

ISO27001 is one of the most recognised international standards for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and is a thorough approach to safely managing sensitive corporate information. For Tracker, a web-hosted software product managing environmental data associated with chemicals, waste, air, and water quality – this level of security is essential.

“At Tracker we manage commercially sensitive information on behalf of our clients. Mismanagement or corruption of data can lead to legislative and financial consequences, so the security of that data is our primary concern. Tracker is hosted in an ISO27001 accredited environment providing our clients with confidence in the quality and security of our software and importantly our client’s data.” Dr Peter Moon, Tracker’s Environmental Management System Specialist.