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Tracker Training: Hazardous Waste Management Video Guides

Continually improving on user experience, our development team have been exploring additional ways to help clients fully utilise Trackers functionality.


When it comes to help, we’ve found the most effective approach is watching and learning. This month, the Tracker Team have been creating a library of Hazardous Waste ‘Help’ Videos designed to guide viewers step-by-step through everything from logging in to creating a report. Tailored videos have been made for both the Tracker Back Office System (BOS), and for mobile field working in Tracker Mobile Sync.


Accessing Trackers Help Videos
In Tracker BOS, log in with your normal username and password. On the main home screen, under your Notice Board, look for the “Watch Tracker Videos” button and simply click to view a list of hyperlinks to our help videos. Please note that these will open in a new web-browser tab on your screen.


In Tracker Mobile Sync, log in with your normal username and password and look for an icon with “Watch Tracker Videos” on your home screen. Click to find a list of hyperlinks for help. Please note that these will open in a new web-browser tab on your device.


What Happens Next?
The new Tracker Help Videos for Hazardous Waste clients will be updated in line with new features and enhancements and, as always, our first-class support team are on hand if you need extra help. For any additional information or support queries, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.