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A Day in the Life of... a Compliance Manager

Sue is a Compliance Manager at Asbestos Removal Company Y. She is currently working on annual reports from the office headquarters using the Tracker Back Office System.


Today, Sue is focussing on operatives’ exposure hours for the whole of last year. She logs into Tracker, where she has permission to review employee and contractor information, and is presented with the information in easy to reference tables.


Sue selects an individual to drill down into more specific details. Tracker shows her every job this person has worked on and their exposure recordings for each job.


Sue would like to see some more information regarding equipment associated to this individual. With the click of a mouse Tracker shows Sue the PPE issued to the individual on each job and when the PPE was last serviced.


Sue is able to produce a report that can be shared with the rest of the management team for review assisting quick decision making.


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