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Waste disposal has a complex configuration of environmental impacts and can cause serious problems if not managed correctly.


Treatment of waste to landfill is a common route for most waste, though in many cases it is generally accepted that this is not the best solution. Aside from the obvious environmental issues, It is also the least cost effective as Government Issue a tax per tonne of waste routed to landfill. The need to improve systems to minimise the amount of waste routed to landfill sites is self evident.


Incinerating waste can provide additional benefits, such as energy production. However, unless there are robust systems in place to monitor the waste issued for incineration the environmental impact can be as bad as or even worse than that of landfill. Plastics tend to produce toxic substances, such as dioxins, when they are burnt; leading to acid rain, plus the ash from incinerators may contain heavy metals and other toxins. Therefore the gasses generated through incineration must be monitored and the ash generated must be monitored, collected and disposed of correctly.


Effective gathering and interpretation of data generated through the handling and treatment of waste is essential in driving environmental performance improvements. With Tracker you can gather and report information in a central system to provide up to the minute information on site efficiency. Track hazardous waste from source to treatment or storage using GPS and digital logbooks to ensure hazardous materials are accounted for at each step of the treatment process. Monitor environmentally critical equipment to better schedule maintenance and minimise the risk of contamination. Monitor recovery of materials as well as output to landfill by waste stream to ensure legislative and tax burdens are met.


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