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Environmental Performance



Tracker provides a secure and central environmental data hub under the control of you, the subscriber, and independent from environmental consultancies. This central data hub aligns with regional legislative requirements and limits, your internal targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Tracker Dashboard allows users to create their own individual performance page showing their vital metrics on one screen.  Extensive tools are provided for live performance metrics which may be viewed at asset or site level right up to a global corporate view across your organisation.



With our unique Tracker Interactive

Reporting tool


users can mine and analyse environmental data to provide a clear picture of environmental performance. Define and save bespoke reports specific to your needs which offer on-line, live metrics at the touch of a button and also enable reports to be sent automatically at any chosen frequency to a defined distribution list. Reports can also be exported to Excel for ad-hoc analysis. Preparation and distribution of your organisation’s Annual Environmental Statement and other performance related reports become straight forward and can be produced much faster and with great accuracy.


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