Tracker Environmental Software

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Future Proofed


Tracker is offered as SAAS (Software As A Service) and requires no local installation of software or equipment. For a fixed subscription we deliver our quality controlled robust product on enterprise level secure hosting. We guarantee compliance with ever changing regional legislation and regularly deliver new features utilising the latest methodologies. Regular client reviews are included to ensure effective solutions. All these benefits are provided at no additional costs to subscription fees for the duration of your agreement.


Why invest in costly in-house developments with all the inherent risks? Relying on the internal database or spreadsheet guru who manages your data and trying to stay in step with the legislator is time consuming and costly. Given that environmental legislative bodies are driving the rate of change, it is important that companies have some assurance that they can manage that change for a predictable cost and at minimal risk. The future-proofing part of our supply model removes what could otherwise be a major burden on an organisation’s in-house resources to keep ahead of the inevitable and many changes and provide continuity for support and development.


We maintain excellent working relationships with legislators and governing bodies and with a continual development program we ensure our clients remain at the leading edge.


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