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Environmental Reporting


Tracker offers a very wide selection of industry reports including those required by regional legislators, in electronic or paper form. In addition our Tracker Interactive Reporting tool allows the Tracker user to readily and easily create bespoke reports specific to their personal or organisational needs. Tracker reports may be viewed on-line in real time, emailed to recipients or exported to other tools. Users may also create their own live Dashboard to ensure their key information is visible at all times.


UKCS DECC Submission


Tracker may be used in multiple regions with the appropriate regional legislative conditions applied. For our clients operating in the UK Tracker is linked to the UK Oil Portal to facilitate automatic definition of allowable chemicals and allowances plus e-reporting to the UK legislator The Department of Environment and Climate Change, DECC. Tracker also produces reports as required for SEPA and DEFRA.

Allowable chemicals are automatically reconciled with the appropriate bodies, for example CEFAS, DECC and OSPAR.


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