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Tracker is a complete Environmental Data Management System (EMS) for handling all environmental data. This proactive tool maps to regional legislation and your existing manual and electronic company data sources. Ensuring your team is accessing the latest information at all times and providing extensive data mining tools for all the metrics your organisation requires.


› Chemicals: Record usages and track against allowances. Live visual prompts and email alerts are tailored to your personal thresholds. Produce authorised chemical load lists to assist with procurement. 


› Produced Water: Record oil in produced water samples. Enter oil concentrations and either instantaneous water rates, volumes or totaliser readings. Powerful forecasting tools offer a realistic look ahead.


› Atmospherics: Track and forecast all greenhouse gas emissions from your sites.  Particularly useful for carbon management. Facilitate planning of site shutdowns and the timely purchase of carbon credits. Maintain a refrigerant gas equipment inventory and manage leak testing.


› Radioactivity: Record and manage all Normally Occurring Radioactive Materials sample data. Sample masses and activities can be entered and comprehensive reporting features offered.


› Waste: A complete waste data management solution for recording and mining data. Supports ISO14001 with reporting against KPI’s to demonstrate performance improvements and as required for corporate or legislative compliance.


› Drill Fluids: A range of tools for control and legislative compliance while drilling, from comprehensive allowed chemicals management to full corporate and legislative reporting.


› Subsea Deposits: Record and track subsea deposits. Maintain coordinates for retrieval during decommission works and provide auditable reports for regional legislators.


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