Tracker Environmental Software

Collabro Environmental Services Ltd





 Audit Management


Secure and clear records are a must for your organisation and environmental auditors. Tracker delivers reliable, consistent information with a water tight audit trail. All calculations within Tracker are transparent and follow appropriate legislative rules and guidelines. Specific reference to the source of raw values is visible and your auditor can readily access Tracker and trace the history of all computations.


The audit process is further supported by our Tracker Interactive Reporting which enables users to mine and analyse any environmental data in Tracker and present the appropriate areas clearly to your verifier.  Standard report menus and tools are also present to support ISO14001 and carbon trading audit and verification. Procurement and use of chemicals is auditable with cross reference to your organisation’s allowed chemicals list with full history and usage breakdown.


To ensure the data quality, confidentiality, and security of your data Tracker applies a range of validation rules and uses a comprehensive journaling mechanism to track all changes to data and maintain a full audit trail. Those responsible for change can be identified via individual username. Our comprehensive security model enables full control of individual users to effectively manage access and privileges. Full backup and disaster recovery provision is in operation at all times.


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